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Table of Contents 

Introduction page 4
Valuable Health Tips page 6
Tips for Daily Self-Care Routines page 9
The Impact of Self-Care Habits and .. page  11
Preventive Screening on Your Health .. page11
Period Products, Birth Control Pills, Low Doses of Aspirin and Metformin page 15
The Global Trend of an Unhealthy Diet or Poor Nutrition.. page 17
Impact of Unhealthy Diet on Women’s Health.. page 20
Women Dying of Cancer page 22
Women Basic Health Guide: Steps Toward Healing and Prevention.. page 24
Dental Checkup page  24
Eye Exam page 24
Blood Pressure Reading page 27
Blood Circulation page 28
Blood Testing page 28
Blood Screening—Cholesterol page 29
How to Improve Your Quality of Life and Health If You Have Cholesterol? page 30
Blood Screening—Sugar Levels page 33
Keeping Your Blood Sugar Levels in the Healthy Range page 33
Differences in Blood Sugar Hormones in Women and Men? page 34
A High Sugar Diet Affects Women’s and Men’s Bodies page 34
Blood Screening—Triglycerides Levels page 36
Blood Screening—Iron page 37
How to Increase Iron in Your Diet? page 38
Blood Screening—CA-125 Cancer Factor page 40
Blood Screening – Thyroid page 40
Urine Screening page 43
HVP and PAP Testing page 44
Pelvic Ultrasound Screening page 46
Transvaginal Ultrasound (TVUS) Screening page 48
Mammogram Screening page 49
Colorectal Screenings page 50
Bone Density Test page 52
What Foods are High in Calcium and Vitamin D? page 54
Symptoms of Calcium Deficiency page 55
Best Sources of Calcium and Vitamin D page 56
Can Hormonal Disorders Affect Women's Metabolism? page 57
Excess Weight Affects Female Fertility page 57
The Importance of Weight and the Body’s Healing Among Women page 59
Producing Milk Not Pregnant page 61
Gastrointestinal Disorders page 62
COVID-19 and Blood Clotting or Coagulation Disorders page 64
The Economic Plan page 67
Impact of Having Health Screenings page 67
Impact of Women’s Role in Each Household page 67
Impact of Having an Army of Volunteers page 68
Plant Nurturing Improves Mental Health page 68
Global Demand for Trained Healthcare Professionals page 69
A Larger Role for Women in Building Healthy Local Communities page 70
Building Stronger and Healthier Communities and the Health Sector 70
Does the World Need Vaccine Passports? page 71
Impact of Having Free Internet for Telehealth and Working from Home page 72
Benefits of Health Stipends for Employees in Developing Countries page 75
Contraceptives Vs Couples Rights with “World Population Plan of Action 6” in the Last Century  page 75
The Last Century’s World Economic Population Plan Campaign page 76
Global Equity page 78
Unethical Business Practices and Politicians’ Neglect of Hidden Policies page 79
Developing Countries Shall Commit to Democracy and Educating Women page 79
Lack of Accountability of Developing Countries page 80
American System Gives Tax Considerations page 81
Why Not Put a Break into the Food and Drug Administration? page 81
Global Trend of Politics and the Private Health Sector page 82
Reducing the Wage Gap page 83
Incentives for Growth page 85
For a Brighter Future page 88